Transform Your Business With The Power Of Video!



Create Instant Engagement:

In just a few seconds videos capture attention and leave an impression. When you showcase your offers with video, your viewers are not only more likely to remember you they will also connect more deeply with your brand. 


Expand Your Reach and Visibility

Videos have a knack for going viral on social media and can work wonders for your search engine ranking. They open doors to platforms like YouTube, Instagram Reels, and TikTok, giving you a broader online presence and reaching a wider audience.


Build Trust and Credibility

Videos let you showcase the human side of your brand. Whether you're demonstrating a product, providing a behind-the-scenes peek, or sharing expert advice, you're building trust and creating a stronger emotional connection with your audience. This trust is the cornerstone of brand loyalty and long-term success.

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You + Me =

Everything You Need To Get Your Brand Online


Are you someone who feels that video isn't your thing? Or perhaps you've told yourself you're too (insert any excuse here) to dive into video creation!

Discover the art of batch crafting video content that aligns perfectly with your brand, message, and your authentic self – even if you're not a fan of being on camera.

Bid farewell to content creation stress and say hello to more time, more leads, and more success.

Now is the moment to elevate your marketing game. Learn the secrets of creating Video Brilliance for Your Brand. 



Expand Your Reach + Give Your Brand a Fresh Start.  


Here's What's Waiting For You Inside The Video Brilliance Program

  • Module 1: Your Video Brilliance Journey

    • Ignite Your Video Brilliance Journey
  • Module 2: Mastering Canva Basics

    • Laying the Foundation: Canva Project Setup
    • Infuse Your Brand: Canva Branding Setup
    • Video Ready: Crafting Canva Video Templates
  • Module 3: Generating Content Ideas

    • Unlock Content Magic: Finding Ideas that Stick
    • ChatGPT: Your Secret Weapon for Content Creation
    • Seamless Export: ChatGPT to Your Workflow
  • Module 4: Crafting Dynamic Content

    • Efficiency Maximized: Batch Video Creation in Canva
    • The Sound of Engagement: Adding Audio
    • Captivate with Color: Changing Backgrounds
    • Carousel Crafting: Easy and Engaging
    • Post Production: Prepping for Social
  • Module 5: Your Content Calendar

    • Ready, Set, Download: Your Content Launchpad
    • AutoPilot Posting: Mastering Content Scheduling
  • Module 6: Engagement Boosters

    • The Art of Words: Caption Crafting
    • Hashtag Hustle: Maximizing Discoverability
    • Sound Waves: Leveraging Trending Audio
  • Module 7: Advanced Editing Techniques

    • Face-to-Camera Video Tips
    • Content Recycling: Webinars and Podcasts Reimagined
  • Bonus:

    • Tools of the Trade: The Essentials for Your Brilliance
Yes Please!!!

A bit About Me...

Never one to fit the box, I’ve been called a Fitness guru, Business coach, Marketing Mastermind, and Storyteller. I’m the founder and architect of Branding in a Box, leading my small marketing agency of multi-disciplinary right + left-brain thinkers, from epic global locations and combining creativity and smart strategy to tell incredible brand stories. 

With a passion for authentic connection, and a desire to shine a light on people doing meaningful work, I founded my small agency of passionate and creative storytellers. Together we work with businesses and brands in creating messaging that makes a difference so that our clients are seen in powerful ways.

We’ve all seen digital marketing shake up what is required of businesses to thrive. Sometimes it may even seem like marketing is more important than the company mission, but let me ask you, has it changed what the customer wants? Digital Marketing has changed the game, but people still want the same thing they always did - value and connection. 

Learn How to Build Your Brand With Video Even If You Don’t Have Any Experience


We've climbed the mountain you're facing and know how hard it can be to get started. We'll be your sherpa, guiding you step-by-step to ensure you don't have to struggle

Instead of spending hundreds on freelancers or complicated software, invest in yourself. This program is designed to get you up and running ASAP with simple tools.

It's not just theory; it's actionable steps that get real results. Don't spend another minute paralysed by the mountain before you!


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  • Having the power to connect with your audience like never before. With Video Brilliance, you'll transform your brand into a captivating story, engaging your audience on a whole new level.
  • A world where content creation is effortless and enjoyable. Say goodbye to content stress and hello to more free time, more leads, and more success in your business.
  • Your brand expanding its reach and visibility far beyond your expectations. With Video Brilliance, you'll tap into platforms that were once out of reach, attracting a broader audience and boosting your brand's credibility.
  • Building trust and loyalty with your audience effortlessly. Video Brilliance allows you to reveal the authentic side of your brand, fostering trust and forming deeper connections with your audience, leading to long-term success.



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This is amazing Martiene, but what if I just don't have the time to commit to another program or learn how to edit videos?


I get it. You might be thinking, "Yes, this all sounds great, but I'm not the most tech-savvy person, and I really don't want to spend countless hours struggling with video editing, especially if I'm not sure it will get me results.

What I see, are so many coaches investing months in creating what they believe to be the 'perfect' online programs, only to follow the crowd and attempt to sell them online without any social content that acts as social proof.

You see here's the catch - how can you know if your program will work if it's not getting in front of your ideal clients? Your social media these days is the social proof you need to market yourself and without proof, your programs won’t sell.

That's a significant amount of time and effort that none of us want to risk wasting, right? But imagine this: When you start batch-creating your content, you’ll get your time BACK! Your videos and content will be ready to go, effortlessly connecting your message with your peple, and you'll have more time on your hands, not less.

Video brilliance is designed with simplicity in mind, and we're here to guide you every step of the way. Plus, our track record of helping coaches and business owners succeed speaks for itself. Don't let the fear of time constraints hold you back from experiencing the transformative power of Video Brilliance for Your Brand.

Can't You Just Do It For Me? 


And look, the mistake most people make when it comes to their content is they think if they just outsource to someone who “knows what they’re doing” that their content is guaranteed to magically convert for them. But let me ask you…


Does anyone know your tone, your voice, your offer or your people as well as you do? -


Sure, we can do it for you. And we have done for our clients for years. But after you invest in the strategy, the content and copy and the graphics at up to $950 per month, wouldn’t it be safer and smarter to simply learn how to do it yourself- at a fraction of the cost?


So that leads me to how much the investment is to get your hands on this system…


For the past four years now, if you wanted to work with me, you would need to invest in my $2000 per month marketing, OR my branding services starting at $7k


And you’re about to learn is what I have been doing for them without the big price tag!


Video Brilliance For Your Brand is a $497 investment. At that price, it’s a no-brainer. Why? Because if you implemented just a FEW of my tweaks and changes, you can easily recoup your investment! But here’s the best part...


Plus, you can rest easy knowing I’ve taken out all ALL the risk from investing! 

Enrol In Video Brilliance Today 

 Just 2 Installments of $297


Or Click HERE To Save $97 When You Pay In Full 

How Do I Know If This Is Right For Me?

Video Brilliance Is For You If:


  • You're an entrepreneur, coach, or course creator striving to make a powerful impact with your brand.
  • If you're tired of spending endless hours on content creation and want to focus on what truly matters in your business.
  • If you've been searching for a way to connect with your audience on a deeper level and spark genuine engagement.
  • If you're ready to elevate your brand's presence and authority in the digital landscape.
  • If you're looking to leverage the power of AI-driven technology to streamline your content creation process.
  • If you value a supportive partnership that's dedicated to bringing your brand's vision to life through compelling videos.
  • If you want to see tangible results and witness your brand's visibility expand organically.
  • If you're ready to unleash the potential of short-form videos to captivate, engage, and inspire your audience.

Video Brilliance Is For You If:


  • If you're not open to learning innovative AI-powered technology to enhance your content creation process.
  • If you're already satisfied with your current content strategy and engagement levels.
  • If you're not seeking to establish a stronger online presence and connect deeply with your target audience.
  • If you're looking for a one-size-fits-all solution without the desire for personalised and tailored content.
  • If you're not ready to learn how to ensure your brand's unique voice is captured in each video.
  • If you're not committed to growing an online community and using short-form video as a catalyst for connection
  • If you're not willing to invest in your brand's future or understand the power of video content to captivate your audience.
I'm Ready

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Are You Ready to Get Your Brilliance Out Into The World?  

Branding Box: Video Brilliance For Your Brand


Just 2 Payments of $297

  • Video Mastery: Learn to create captivating and professional video content, even if you're not tech-savvy.

  • Efficiency: Discover the art of batch crafting, saving you time and effort.

  • Content Ideas: Unlock the secret to generating engaging content ideas that stick.

  • Engagement Boosters: Master the use of captions, hashtags, and trending audio to enhance audience engagement.

  • Brand Expansion: Expand your reach and visibility, tapping into platforms like YouTube, Instagram Reels, and TikTok.

  • Trust and Credibility: Build trust and connect with your audience on a deeper level through authentic storytelling.

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of a branding and marketing entrepreneur specialising in helping coaches and small business owners.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Enjoy peace of mind with our satisfaction guarantee, ensuring your investment is risk-free.

Or CLICK HERE To Save $97 And Pay In Full!





Yes! A 100% Money Back Guarantee

Video Brilliance has a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you don't find feel like this will save you time and money or reach more of your ideal people we will give you a full refund. ** Refunds must be requested in writing within this refund period.

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