Your Brand Is The Vehicle That Drives Your Business



A Great Brand Is A Selling Machine


Most people don't know that their brand is the mechanism that will help sell their products and programs. 

The brand is the proof; it's where people go to be able to determine if they're going to work with you, to see who you are behind the screen. 

I don't know about you, but when I am thinking about working with someone, I go to all their pages to search for more insight into who they are and what I can expect. To do that I focus on how connected I am to who they are, what they are sharing and saying... which comes down to these 2 elements:

How do I feel when I see them online?

And does their message connect with me enough to want to know more? 

If I don't feel aligned or connected and inspired by what they say, I won't follow them or buy from them.

Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories.


When I first started in the fitness industry...


There was no Instagram, no content calendars or keyword optimizations. The success of my businesses and our clients came from the work we did on the ground, making connections and the genuine experience we created both on and offline.
Since then, we have seen digital marketing shake up what is required of businesses to thrive. Sometimes it even seems like the marketing is more important than the company mission, but has it changed what the customer wants? When I opened Total Fusion in Australia, we hired big marketing firms and paid steep prices for content and marketing that didn't reflect our core offer and values. 
Instead, our customer base grew from the experience we created, our ability to connect and the innovation we used to bring people into our studio with word-of-mouth testimonials and real improvements in how to grow a fitness business. 
I decided to stop throwing money at advertising and figure it out how to sell the brand story myself! 



Using Imagery That Embody Your Values 


The imagery and content you share are the fastest ways for your prospects to connect with your message, your brand and You! There are three layers of imagery that social content can be built upon. 


Your PRIMARY images - the ones that people see in your FB groups, these are your headers and your hero images. It's the first thing that people see,  it's how they remember you. They are the key pillars of showcasing YOU and your brand. 


Your SUPPLEMENTARY images are the pictures that showcase your expertise under different settings. I find the supplementary images build the story that supports the content. 


Your FOUNDATIONAL images are the images that bring together different aspects of your brand to create continuity. They send subliminal messages about your brand and add richness and depth to your content and copy. Usually they are not of you but they showcase your personality and values through objects, locations and things.


Kat Lynn, Foodie Shots Photography

"OMG I wish I had met Martiene and her team at the beginning of my business. The wealth of knowledge and the community she builds is nothing more than amazing. As a sole trader the world of business can be daunting and being able to receive guidance and expert knowledge is such a relief. Better still when you can implement changes instantly and see results is something very rare. ROI is what every business looks for as a success metric but there is so much more."


Building Web Pages That Embody Your Values


In an ideal world, when someone sees a campaign and clicks through to your landing page or website, they can easily establish who you are and what you do, they understand your uniqueness and how they can work with you simply and efficiently.


Designing your page with the user experience in mind is not the same as your standard sales page. The more clear and authentic you are, the less the user needs to think.


Everything on the page should support the person's decision-making process to take the next step - so your web pages should represent you, your value and your offer. This is a fresh approach to the traditional Marketing campaigns you see today because I believe that people are looking for more connection than ever before.  


I like to see web pages be a more personal representation of what people can expect when they connect with you, to elevate why they should choose you over anyone else. 

Creating Content That Embodies Your Values 


Bringing your message to life in your content is easier when you have a framework and rhythm. The content flow is about using your words and values, which gives breadth and depth to the content that you share on all platforms. 


Each piece of content then becomes a true reflection of who you are and how you are showing up online. 


This includes your blog posts, social media posts, weekly e-news, Youtube videos Linkedin and Instagram content. 

 Don't Take Our Word For It.
Here's What Our Amazing Clients Say


" The Best In The Branding Business "

Beautiful. That is the word that comes to mind when I think of Martiene’s work. She has an amazing ability to get to the essence of a brand and then translate that essence into beautiful visuals, beautiful copy, a beautiful look and feel. Martiene is an absolute professional and takes her work and your results seriously. She doesn’t mess around. I have rarely met someone who is so invested in her customers success and ‘getting it right’. I have worked with Martiene for well over a year now and I continue to do so because she is the best in the branding business. I like to work with people that set the benchmark high and that is Martiene. High benchmarks for the service she provides, the results she delivers and the holistic experience she offers. It’s also important to note that she is also a beautiful person. Martiene cares and it shows. I love her to bits. Hire her now, you will not regret it - I promise!

-Dee H


" We've grown in scale, brand awareness and proven a quality business model demonstrating a very healthy profitable return. "

I began working with Martiene when the business was in its infancy, somewhat a pilot. She helped to establish and develop the brand awareness and lead generation.

Since then the business has grown in scale, brand awareness and ultimately proven a quality business model demonstrating a very healthy profitable return. Martiene demonstrate a clear, aligned understanding of the industry with excellent communication and execution and its enjoyable to work with.

-Roger Westerman


"Exactly What I Was Looking For"

I've worked with Martiene over the past 12 months and she's cleared up this mess of a personal brand - my friends didn't even know what I stood for. I spent nearly $10k trying to map everything out and figure out what it was - then I met Martiene and she just had this heart and soul and had the same values and same vision and was able to tease out exactly what I was looking for.

I know how meaningful testimonials are especially when they're coming from a heart space because I know the work she does comes from a heart space too - if you're out there and have the opportunity to work with her, I always believe the best evidence is the outcome and you hear about people like Martiene through other people sharing how awesome she is and that's really the beauty of this. I can't wait to grow with her and see where this goes.

-Rory C

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