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Byron & Me

with plant-based life-styler Karin Anne Knight



Karin has walked her talk for thirty years while juggling family and building businesses.

Her believability and knowledge come from being on the ground living a holistic, organic way, day in and day out while raising a family.

An incredibly talented creative soul, Karin came to us in need of an online presence that matches her truth to amplify her message as well as a mentor to help her navigate the online world.

We crafted her message, created a comprehensive brand strategy as well as crafted a new visual identity for Byron & Me to launch during the pandemic.

We developed a multi-layered approach to meet Karin’s passion to empower as many people around Australia to be as naturally vibrant and healthy as they can be.

We included support with leveraging offers and groups with an online strategy on showcasing Karin and her partners across digital platforms, and a refreshed social media tone inclusive of Facebook, Facebook Groups and Instagram.


The Brand Core Design Elements



Your Brand Is The Biggest Element Your People Turn To To Determine If They Want To Work With You. 

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