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People buy when they feel connected to a business, and cancel when they feel disconnected.

We Are A Collective Of Storytellers, Designers, Photographers, Branding Geniuses And Business Savvy Doers Who Are Connected By One Passion: 

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Branding In A Box was the brainchild of Martiene Van Steyn after she was fed up with big marketing firms charging high rates for inauthentic content.

She decided to take her studio's strategy into her own hands. It would be based on one principle: genuine connection between business and client. 

Turned out, she was a natural at finding the essence of a business and sharing that beauty with the world, and specifically with the customers who needed what they were selling. She expanded, and offered modern, connective content to other health and wellness companies and brands. Her goal was to make beautiful content and wrap it all in a simple “box” that was easy for clients to use and implement. 

She quickly realised she was doing an injustice to her clients because many of them were overwhelmed with managing social content on top of running their busy and thriving businesses. Martiene stepped in, and hired left and right-brained professionals to creatively and strategically manage their social media and marketing accounts. 
She began to “unpack” the boxes they had created, allowing entrepreneurs to do what they did best: serve their clients. Branding in a Box grew into the successful, multi-dimensional branding, marketing and production company it is today!

Conscious Messaging

Teacher Turned Storyteller

Branding For Wellness Businesses

Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night telling itself stories. 


Jonathon Gottschall

Meet Martiene 

From clients to studio chains, everything Martiene touches is fruitful, growing sales and results at a rapid-fire pace. 

While the hard evidence of Martiene’s gift for branding is enough to satisfy, she is also your nurturing ally. If you asked her what makes her get out of bed in the morning she would say it is her love of modern and elegant design, selling authenticity, and shining a light on clients where they don’t even see their own strengths and beauty.


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